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CICT was established in China Agricultural University

China Agricultural University (CAU) established the opening ceremony of China Institute for Conservation Tillage (CICT) on Thursday, July 11,2019. Sun Qixin (1),Gong Yuanshi (2), Kang Shaozhong (3), Zhao Chunjiang (4),Li Anning (5), Fang Xianfa (6), Liu Hengxin (7),Li Yutong (8), Josef Martin Kienzle (9), Gottlieb Basch (10),Emilio Jesus Gonzalez Sanchez (11), Wang Guanglin (12),the representative of Australia Agtrans Research Company, the research institutes which cooperated with CICT for many years, and the relatedenterprises attended the ceremony.

Sun Qixin said that soilis the basic element of crop survival. In order to realize the sustainable development of agriculture, it is necessary to ensure the sustainable utilization of cultivated land. Sun also said that CAU took the lead inpioneering the demonstration and application research of conservation tillage technology in China and achieved very good results. CAU decided to launch theCICT, which has the great practical significance for safeguarding the nationalfood security and achieving sustainable agricultural development. We hope conservation tillage research can promote the interdisciplinary integration andinnovation of original technologies, ensure the sustainable development ofChina's arable land, provide the CAU’s wisdom in safeguarding national food security,and contribute Chinese solutions for world food security.

Li Anning, Liu Hengxin, Li Yutong represented the department of farm mechanization of ministry of agriculture and rural affairs of the Peoples Republic of China, Agricultural Machinery Appraisal General Station and Extension General Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural, Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization, United NationsEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific to express the congratulations for establishment of CICT, respectively. They believe that the establishment of CICT is conductive to promote the in-depth research andfurther promotion and application of conservation tillage and help greendevelopment of agriculture in China.

The CICT, which is supported by the Conservation Tillage Research Center of Ministry of Agriculture and RuralAffairs, is affiliated with college of engineering, CAU. Zhang Fusuo, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, will be the honorary director; Li Hongwen,professor of CAU, will be the director; He Jin and Cui Zhenling, professor of CAU, will be deputy directors.

After ceremony, the seminar on conservation tillage was held. Li Hongwen, the director of CICT, introduced the development process of conservation tillage team, from the establishment of the team in 1992 to the establishment of CICT in 2019. Josef Martin Kienzle, Agricultural Engineer of FAO, indicated that conservation tillage is thecore of sustainable crop production intensification and is conductive to reducethe greenhouse gas emission and water consumption, increase soil quality,strengthen biological system stable and improve the soil productivity.

Director of CICT. Li Hongwen

Agricultural Engineer. Josef Martin Kienzle

Gottlieb Basch, President of European Conservation Agriculture Federation, introduced the development process andstatus of conservation tillage in Europe. He emphasized that Europe had formulated the working plane and conservation tillage managing standard tosolve the soil degradation problem. Emilio Jesus Gonzalez Sanchez, Secretary General of European Conservation Agriculture Federation, introduced a method (INSPIA)to evaluate the agricultural sustainability, which can adapt the different agricultural climate and tillage model and can improve the farm’s economic and ecological benefits.

Union President. Gottlieb Basch on reporting

Secretary General. Emilio Jesus Gonzalez Sanchezon reporting

Talia Christine Hardaker,Business Economist of Australia Agtrans Research Company, introduced the origin and development of Australia’s conservation tillage and the restricted reason for further promotion and popularization ofconservation tillage in Australia. Simultaneously, she emphasized that the cooperation of government, farmer and researcher will be the key factors to promote the development of conservation tillage in Australia. Joseph Sean LynchAbell, the Business Economist of Australia Agtrans Research Company, accordingto literature analysis and more that 10-days investigation in China, reportedthe effect of the objects form Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research on the development of China’s Conservation tillage.

Business Economist. Talia Christine Hardaker onreporting

Business Economist. Joseph Sean Lynch Abell onreporting

A few days before theceremony, the experts from Europe and Australia conducted on-the-spot investigations of the CICT's cooperative enterprises, experimental demonstration bases andapplication situation of China's conservation tillage.

Experts in enterprise

Experts in enterprise

Experts in Lai Xi, Shandong Province

Experts in Ping Du, Shandong Province

Experts in field

Experts in field

Author: Liu Peng, OuyangYongzhi, Bao Xuanbin, Liu Kaihua, Li Ruijie


(1) Sun Qixin: President of CAU

(2) Gong Yuanshi: Vice-president of CAU

(3) Kang Shaozhong: Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

(4) Zhao Chunjiang: Head of National Engineering andTechnology Center for Information Agriculture and the academician of Chinese Academyof Engineering

(5)Li Anning: Vice-director general of the departmentof Farm Mechanization of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of thePeoples Republic of China

(6)Fang Xianfa: Vice-director of China Academy of AgriculturalMechanization sciences

(7) Liu Hengxin: Head of Agricultural MachineryAppraisal General Station and Extension General Station of the Ministry of Agricultureand Rural

(8) Li Yutong: Head of Centre for SustainableAgricultural Mechanization of United Nations Economic and Social Commission forAsia and the Pacific

(9) Josef Martin Kienzle: Agricultural engineer of FAO

(10) Gottlieb Basch: Union president of EuropeanConservation Agriculture Federation and the associate professor of Portugal EvoraUniversity

(11) Emilio Jesus Gonzalez Sanchez: Secretary Generalof European Conservation Agriculture Federation and theassociateprofessor of Cordoba University

(12) Wang Guanglin: Australian Centre forInternational Agricultural Research

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