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Vegetable fertilization

Introduction of the h fertilizer pickaxe

      1.Product brief introduction

      The h fertilizer pickaxe is a portable small fertilizer applicator, which can send the fertilizer into deep soil by pricking holes the maximum fertilizing depth is12cm.

      Range of application: all kinds of fruit trees、corn、vegetables some other economic crops
      The applicable fertilizer: all kinds of granular fertilizer, such as urea、compound fertilizer diamine.

      Structural feature: The fertilizer pickaxe was made of pickaxe、hle、fertilizer spout、fertilizer bag、adjustment plate inertia flyweight.

      Method of application: the fertilizer bag is on the back of the user, the fertilizer goes through the fertilizer spout into pickaxe. The pickaxe is used to prick holes the fertilizer in pickaxe into holes under the action of gravity.

      2.product advantages
      The fertilizer pickaxe is a new kind fertilizer equipment, which can send the fertilizer to deep soil, by this way, it can increase the fertilizer use efficiency reduce the environment pollution. Compared with traditional fertilization, it can save fertilizer by 30 percent. Under the precondition of no affect production, it can save fertilizer 187.5 kilogram per hectare, namely 187¥ per hectare

      The fertilizer pickaxe has the advantages of novel design、simple structure、reliable performance、user-friendly control、high efficient environmental friendly so on.