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Increased capacity rolling seeder

1. With many years of manufacturing experience  learned from other scientific design, using sophisticated materials, sowing precision can reach more than 95, which design manufacturing cost performance far exceed similar products. Use one time to recover the cost.

2. Made of transparent polycarbonate (material for bulletproof glass), it is light, flexible durable. The seeding process are visible, which can watch the seeding process to ensure that you have no worries. You can plant more than ten acres a day.

3. The transmission is stable precise, the wheel type rolling wheel, the outer rotation does not turn, the seed does not move, the seed hole is introduced into the soft brush design, which does not hurt the coating the seed. Stainless steel nozzles are durable.

4. A number of special designs advantages: the use of external seed wheel design, can carry more seeds; add cover soil function, can achieve synonous cover soil; add auxiliary support wheel, use light stable labor-saving.

5. The multi-purpose machine is suitable for variety of dry crops. Different kinds of wheel can be used to seed variety of seed such as beans, corn, peanuts cotton. Seeding number can be adjusted from 1 to 2 seeds. The machine is suitable for plain, mountainous, hilly.

6. The plant spacing can be adjusted. The plant spacing adjusted to 7 is 23CM, the 5 mouth is 28CM, the 6 mouth is 26CM, the seeding depth is 5cm or 6cm.