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Double-barrel seeder fertilizer applicator

Portable electronic seeder fertilizer applicator
      2BD-1JS portable electronic seeder fertilizer applicator is a kind of seeder with the same fertilizer voice counting. It is suitable for loose sowing after rotary tillage. When sowing with this sower, users can choose the number of single-hole seeds sown according to their needs: 1 seed, 2 seeds 3 seeds. When  the separate pulling board into the position of "1" on the seeder, two seeds per hole are ed at this time; when ing the position of "2", one seed per hole is planted; when pulling out the pulling board, three seeds per hole are planted, that is, three seeds per hole.
      The sower can choose the suitable sowing depth according to the injury the difference of seeds, loosen the adjusting screw, make the black adjusting disc move up down between the rows of round holes in the iron slot. After choosing the suitable position, the two screw are aligned with the round hole in the position, the screw can be tightened. (Note: When the adjusting disc moves down, the depth becomes shallower, vice versa, the depth deepens. )
The seeder is romly equipped with six (No. 1-6) seed axles of different sizes sockets. Users can choose the appropriate axle according to the actual situation. This seeder has a plant spacing scale. Users only need to pull the pull rod marked "plant spacing scale" beside the silo, pull out the pull plate of its internal size adjustment, adjust it according to the actual needs.
      The axle head of the fertilizer shaft of the seeder has a Yuanbao screw, that is, a fertilizer adjustment screw. Loosen the screw pull the protruding part of the axle head. At this time, the inner axle of the fertilizer axle can pull out a certain distance, the amount of fertilizer can be adjusted according to the pull-out distance. That is, the larger the pull-out, the larger the fertilizer amount, vice versa, the smaller the pull-out, the maximum state when it can not be pulled (can be loaded into a suitable amount of fertilizer for fine-tuning). When the adjustment is completed, the loose nut must be tightened in order to prevent the internal shaft from moving lead to the deviation of fertilizer dosage.
      This seeder is equipped with a voice box. The small black box under the feeder is pushed out opened according to the direction indicated by the arrow. Four ordinary No. 5 batteries are implanted (pay attention to the positive negative poles of the batteries). Then the battery cover is covered, the power switch of the voice box is opened, the indicator light is on. At the same time, the welcome message is broadcast in the voice box: "Welcome to use..." When seeds appear in the iron tip, the number of seeds will be reported in the voice box, that is, "1", "2", "3". When the hle is not planted, the voice box will be empty. Note: There are three shifts at the power switch. When it is in the "off" position, the voice box does not work; when it is in the dle the "number" position, it can broadcast "empty", "1", "2", "3" according to the next actual situation. When it is in the "empty" position, it will not report the number, the voice box will only report to the hole. Police, only empty.
Notes for using this sower: After each season, the batteries in the voice box must be taken out, the fertilizer inside outside the iron nozzle on the fertilizer cylinder axle must be cleaned up, so as to avoid corrosion caused by long-term parking affect the use of the next season.