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H-held corn seeder

This machine can complete loose soil, fertilize, ditch, sow, cover soil suppress all processes at one time. It adopts gravity to cleanse seeds, does not damage seeds, has high precision of seed dressing, uniform stable sowing amount, saves seed. This machine adopts “zero speed”, equal potential, low seeding, precise hole spacing, which makes seedling strong  seedling distance even. This machine mainly sows corn, sows soybeans in the same way. It can be used in one machine, at the same time, it can be applied with the same base fertilizer achieve the suppression of soil. The seed metering device is driven by gears, the anti-reverse mechanism is provided in the driving gear to avoid malfunction caused by the reverse rotation of the machine. By adjusting the different driven gears, the plant spacing can be adjusted; when the seed is cleaned, the entire seed tray cover can be removed, the seed cleaning is convenient thorough. The machine can be applied to both cultivated l uncultivated l. The machine has a narrow trench, fertilizer application, side application, has a wide using range.