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The seeder is suitable for the sowing fertilization of maize, soybean other crops. It is not restricted by geographical conditions, can be used in sloping farml small plots. Especially suitable for no-tillage, straw returning to the field, new wastel sowing fertilization operations. It is also very convenient to use. Planing, sowing, fertilizing, covering pressing of traditional soils can be accomplished by one step. This pickaxe can be seen except for single seed sowing seeding. It also has the characteristics of drought resistance, moisture conservation, seedling conservation, no seed burning, no seed dumpling so on. The sowing amount is 1 or 2-4 grains, the fertilization amount per mu is 0-60 kg adjustable, the artificial daily efficiency is 3-5 mu. It is an ideal sowing machine.
Usage method
No-tillage sowing on hillside
No-tillage Sowing in Waste Mountains
No-tillage operation on flat l
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Soybean Seedling Emergence
Emergence of Maize
Mid-term Growth Trend of Maize