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2016 Fertilizer Peer Automatic Supplement Sound Light Tips Sowing Fertilizer Apparatus

[Product characteristics]

1. Set many years of manufacturing experience, learn from many advantages, scientific design, sowing materials, sowing accuracy can reach more than 95, design, manufacture cost-effective than similar products. Cost can be recovered at one time.

2. Transparent polycarbonate (made of bullet-proof glass) is used to make it light, flexible durable. Sowing transparent visible, watching the next seed, to ensure that you have no worries. More than ten mu can be sown per day.

3. Drive stably accurately. Point-type rolling seed wheel does not rotate outside or inside. Seed does not move. Soft brush design is introduced into seed-producing hole, which does not damage coating seeds. Stainless steel seed nozzle is durable.

4. Many special designs advantages: using external seed wheel design can carry more seeds; adding cover function can achieve synonous cover soil; adding auxiliary support wheel, using light, stable labor-saving.

5. Multi-purpose machine, suitable for sowing a variety of Dryl crops. The seeds of beans, maize, peanuts cotton can be sown by replacing different seed rounds, 1-2 seeds can be adjusted. Suitable for plain, mountainous areas, hills other ridge-free sowing.

6. The plant spacing can be adjusted. The plant spacing of 7 seed nozzles is 23CM, that of 5 nozzles is 28CM, that of 6 nozzles is 26CM, that of sowing depth is 5cm or 6cm.

[Applicable seeds]

Corn, soybean, peanut, mung bean, red bean, cotton so on, according to the amount of seeds seed size to choose the matching seed wheel.