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Look, the cloud technology is used for farming tracking changes in high-quality agricultural technology in the field

Planting l "facing the Loess facing the sky behind it" has now become a history in some places. Entering the new agricultural stores in Yangxin County, Shong Province, farmers use "cloud" technology big data to enjoy intelligent services such as precise weather, remote sensing observation, water fertilizer integration, point mobile phones instead of hoes.

Intelligent agricultural technologies such as Internet of Things Intelligent Agricultural Machinery are changing the mode of agricultural production: from pooling resources, pooling elements to comparing technology efficiency, high-quality development of agriculture breeds vigorous new momentum.

How to cultivate l for smart agriculture?

"People look at the sky, I look at the screen," big data has the final say.

Sitting at home, looking at the screen clicking on the mobile phone, you can do farm work in thouss of acres. Is there such a god?

This is what Sun Zhanfeng of Sun Jiaweizi Village in Laodian Town did. "Others watch the sky, I watch the screen; others have good experience, I have big data."

What he said was no joke. That's not true. Just in time, a timely rain poured down. After days of drought, the farml "drank enough", clusters of maize seedlings emerged from the wheat stubble became greener. A few days ago, Sun Zhanfeng knew about the rain. The precise agricultural meteorological service with an accuracy of 1 square kilometer helped him greatly. "Forecasting 48 hours ahead of time, sowing, spraying harvesting depend on the weather, so the farming arrangement is more reasonable."

In 2016, Sun Zhanfeng returned home to start his own business, invested in many years of work savings, a flow of more than 1000 mu of l to grow wheat. Relatives friends do not underst that Yangxintu is poor in water, wheat production is not high, coupled with the unstable market these years, why not?

Sun Yat-sen had the strength, an online smart agricultural system gave him a reassuring pill. How to cultivate l for smart agriculture? "Computers instead of human brains, machines instead of manual work, mobile phones instead of hoes." Sun Zhanfeng said.

Farming harvesting are full of wisdom. When the screen is turned on, the satellite blinks, the distribution of the plots the seedling situation are clear at once. This is the remote sensing monitoring system. Sensors collect real-time huity, temperature other information, condensed into a graph, the number of quasi-pulse "prescription for symptoms", which is the Internet of Things system. Fingers move, input the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus potassium, not far from the fertilizer machine rumble, precise preparation of nutrition packages will be ready, crops "what is missing to make up for what", eat fine nutrition packages, this is the integration of water fertilizer.

Intelligent agricultural machinery is the whole process of intimate service. Sun said that the large self-propelled dispenser stretches its long arms, walks slowly in the field, surrounded by water mist, saves more than 10 people on a dispensing machine. Precision seeder swept past, sowing accuracy between millicentimeters. Large-scale harvesters are fully open, automatic identification of plots, less than a day time 1000 mu of l particles returned to warehouse.

Although he is a new peasant, Sun Zhanfeng has become a "star" of grain growing. Just after the summer harvest, his 1000 mu wheat harvest, early enterprise signed an order, selling 0.1 yuan more than ordinary wheat per kilogram, reducing the cost of nearly 100 yuan per mu, earning more than 100,000 yuan per season.

It is said that Sun Zhanfeng has made money by planting l. The "old-fashioned" can't sit still anymore. He comes to his door to get his lessons. Lao Yuntian, Secretary of the Party branch of Laojiacun, said, "Yali pears are grown in my village. The fruit was frozen drought in spring a few years ago. There were not many fruit hanging, they could not be sold at a partial price. Without making money, the villagers were discouraged did not take fruit trees seriously. Some of them had not been watered for several years. Looking at these pear orchards, it's really heartbreaking.

"Raising production lowering costs can be achieved by science technology." Sun Zhanfeng hed in the bottom.

Nowadays, more than 230 Mu old pear orchards in Laojiacun have turned into "smart" orchards, the field management process has been upgraded. Take Tiantou Intelligent Monitoring Station as an example. The orchard contains infrared sensors high-definition cameras. When pests diseases are found, they can take photos upload them immediately. After comparing with the background big data, they can identify pest species intelligently inform experts farmers.

"This hi-tech is like an old scalper. It is silent plays a great role in the critical time. This spring, the pear Psylla was found in time. Early prevention saves this year's fruit. Put it aside you can't find it with the naked eye." Nowadays, the production cost of Yali pear has been reduced by 10%, the quality is higher, the price is 3-5 wool more per kilogram.

"Intelligent agriculture is not mysterious at all. It integrates the new generation of technology such as Internet, Internet of Things cloud computing into the agricultural production process, so as to achieve more scientific ion more accurate input, so as to reduce the detours of farmers, improve management efficiency, save production costs improve product quality." Li Guoxiang, a researcher at the Institute of Rural Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said.

Intelligent agriculture takes root here. In Yangxin County, the popularization coverage rate of soil testing formula fertilization reached 90, the popularization area of integrated technology of water fertilizer reached 4300 mu, the water-saving irrigation area reached 500,000 mu, the comprehensive mechanization rate of wheat cultivation harvest reached 99.6, the mechanization ability of efficient plant protection reached 75.7%.

Who will do wisdom agriculture?

"Field Nurse" is active in the field, careful to solve the problems that can not be done by each household.

Yangxin is a big agricultural county, but it also encounters growing "troubles" - with 550,000 mu of wheat 100,000 mu of pear. As the main production area of wheat pear in China, Yangxin has a solid agricultural "home base". But these years, because the market is unstable, management can not keep up, often increase production income. Take Yali pear for example, the average price in the past three years is less than 1 yuan per kilogram, which is two or three yuan short of the time when the market is good.

"The old way of farming is no good." Li Haiting, a villager in Banjiehe Village, Jinyang Street, said that most of the young people in the village go out to work. They are all fifty or sixty years old, each family grows more than ten mu, depending on their old experience, they can not keep up with them, their quality can not be improved.